Via di Spirito Santo, Firenze

Via di Spirito Santo, Firenze
Via di Spirito Santo, Firenze

Via di Spirito Santo is a street I often walked along when I was studying in Florence. I took two weeks in September 2011 to study portraiture at the Charles Cecil Studios. It was an enriching time for me and critical to my development as an artist. I received excellent tuition and the opportunity to paint every day for a fortnight. I was also introduced to sight size which you can read about here. It’s more than just a drawing method, it’s more like a philosophy of seeing. After a week or so of using sight size, I found myself seeing the streets in a different way. This painting encapsulates the way I saw the streets. It was as if my vision expanded.

The last blog post I did showed the early stages of a watercolour I have been working on of a street scene in Florence. Last September I painted a number of sketchbook watercolours of Florence on location. The was with a view to using these studies for some studio works.

This painting of Via di Spirito Santo includes many of the elements that are characteristic of Florence. You have the narrow streets with tall buildings that seem to shut out any daylight. Then there’s the antiquated lamps that hang over the streets, bicycles and locals darting in and out of doorways.

The painting Via di Spirito Santo can be seen at my Studio and Gallery in Ponteland.


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