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Watercolour commission of Rockcliffe, Dumfries
Original Watercolour of Rockcliffe, Dumfries

I regularly have customers contact me to Commission a Painting. I was recently commissioned to paint an original watercolour by a client for her husbands 50th birthday present of Rockcliffe in Dumfriesshire. It’s a place that holds particularly fond memories for them as a family. Fortunately I had been to exactly the same spot last year with my wife, daughter and grandchildren and I had actually painted a small sketchbook study of the bay and taken some suitable photographs which I could work from.

It made me realise just how easy it is to Commission a Painting, so to re-enforce the process on how to go about the initial discussions I’ve had a short video filmed by Gavin Dowd of Word Out Media. Follow the link to watch the video.

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