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Angel Christmas Card

Angel Christmas Card

Angel Christmas Card
Angel, Snow Sunset Christmas Card

Many years ago I did an Angel Christmas Card to help raise money for a local charity. Earlier this year I was approached by the charity The Cyrenians who are now Changing Lives. They are based in Newcastle and work with vulnerable, disadvantaged and homeless people. Sian Thomas, their marketing administrator, asked if they could use some of my paintings as Christmas Cards. This was to help raise money for the charity which has been going for over 40 years.

Over the last 20 years or more, I know that the paintings I have done have raised thousands of pounds through being reproduced as Christmas cards. In the past it’s been for the Marie Curie cancer care, so I was more than happy to oblige.

We’ve decided to do three paintings of Newcastle. The first of which is a classic scene of the Theatre Royal in the Snow. This was a sell out limited edition print. I’ve painted a similar view recently which I reproduced as a limited edition print titled Grey Street, Snow Shower.

The second card is this one of The Angel of the North depicted against the backdrop of a winter sunset. In this painting the colours of the sky are being reflected in the snow. Two figures at the feet of the Angel help to create a sense of scale.

The Quayside in the snow is the third scene.

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