Diamond Jubilee shows Holkham Beach

Holkham Beach Painting
Holkham Beach, Incoming Tide

On the eve of the Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, I watched a couple of lovely documentaries about Queen Elizabeth. The first on BBC 1 featured some home cine film of Royal Family life starting from when the Queen was first married. It was wonderfully narrated by Prince Charles who recalled with affection, his own childhood memories as he played through the old reels of footage.

One particular sequence showed himself, Princess Anne and their father Prince Philip jumping off the sand dunes at Holkham Beach in Norfolk, not for from Sandringham where they spent family holidays together. The scene triggered off my own memories of recent holidays with our daughter Louise and her children and our times together on this vast, deserted beach. On one occasion I took a short break from playing with the grandchildren to paint the watercolour above of the incoming tide.

The second Diamond Jubilee documentary was equally engaging with some great interviews with members of the Royal Family. It also showed some letters between the Queen and her mother not long after she married the Duke of Edinburgh, some of which were read out loud by Alan Titchmarsh. For some reason he missed out “I do pray….”  from one of the letters, which I thought was such a pity as it showed a personal display of the Queen Mother’s faith. At least we were able to read the hand written words for ourselves.

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