Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend

Buckingham Palace from Green Park, Painting
Buckingham Palace from Green Park

This Bank Holiday Weekend marks the celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I thought it appropriate to feature this watercolour of Buckingham Palace from Green Park which I have reproduced as a limited edition print. It depicts the Palace seen in low autumnal light which is filtering through the golden leaves, many of which have fallen to the ground. It was quite a tricky painting to do as I wanted the warmth and translucency of the yellow pigment to glow and contrast against the cool blue of the sky and understated Palace in shadow. This has been achieved by carefully masking off the leaves before doing any painting. An exercise worth doing to create the desired effect.

I suppose the painting is more about the beauty of creation than the monarch, but there are still sufficient elements in the composition to celebrate the year of Jubilee. May we all have an enjoyable Bank Holiday Weekend.

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