Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps
Spanish Steps

Paintings of Italy

Paintings of Italy have always proved popular with those folk who love all things Italian. My limited edition prints of Tuscany, Venice and Umbria continue to sell consistently well with folk buying online and from my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland. The Spanish Steps painting is part of the growing collection.


Around 1998 I decided to add Rome to my collection of Italian cities and visited several times to produce a range of “en plein air” watercolours from which to work from. One such scene was the picturesque Spanish Steps. At about 9:30am I found a suitable fountain from which to rest my watercolour block on. I began to paint the steps which were virtually deserted. By the time I had finished the painting, you could hardly see the steps for the people sitting on them, enjoying the warm October sun.

Kidney Transplant

On this particular trip I took my mother. Susan was unable to travel as she had received one of my kidneys a few months before. Her consultant felt it would be too great a risk.  My mother however, was very grateful to visit Rome with me. We were out early every morning until the sun went down. I’ve actually included her in the painting, sitting in front of the Spanish Steps.

The scene above is the studio painting which I’ve since reproduced as a limited edition print. The location study can also be seen at my Studio & Gallery. Please contact for further information.

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