St Mark’s Square, Afternoon Sunlight

St Mark's Square
St Mark’s Square, Afternoon Sunlight


St Mark’s Square in Venice holds very special memories for my wife and . It was in the Basilica that Susan gave her life to God over 25 years ago. She had a dramatic conversion to Christianity. It transformed her life from one of hopelessness and despair to one of peace, joy and faith in Jesus Christ. Whenever we go to Venice, we like to reflect on that pivotal point in Susan’s life. We reflect on the amazing things that God has done in our lives since that day of new birth.

Sketchbook Watercolour

So it goes without saying that I’ve painted St Mark’s Square on more than one occasion, both on location and in my studio. This particular scene is an A4 studio painting based on a smaller sketchbook watercolour which I’ve published as a limited edition print with only 45 in the edition. The original was given to my youngest granddaughter Anya when she was first born, “my first watercolour”.

Girl in the Red Coat

I painted the same scene again from almost the same angle. However this time it  was in the rain. The result is  a completely different take on the subject. Girl in the Red Coat, Venice.

Other Paintings of Italy can be seen in my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland and on my website

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