The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast is a spectacular area of dramatic scenery. I’ve only been the one time which was for a week back in 2003 but I was inspired to do a number of sketchbook watercolours and this Painting of Ravello.

I have vivid memories of the brief trip we made to this small town perched high above the distant sea below. We had spent the morning getting to Amalfi by boat. By the time we arrived at 12:45pm the shops had closed for lunch. It was 2:30 before we boarded a small bus that took us up the rather perilous road to Ravello. I quickly found this iconic view of the tree in the beautiful gardens of Villa Rufolo which is often a venue for wedding photographs. Indeed, we actually saw a newly wed couple being photographed in the grounds.


After gathering some suitable reference material we took an even more memorable bus trip back to Amalfi. The heavens had opened, so we were packed into the tiny bus like sardines. The rain was gushing down the 5 km of bending road like a Scottish river in full spate. The wipers seemed to have little effect in making the driver’s view clearer. The driver was oblivious to the conditions due to a very attractive young blond lady standing to his side. He was more concerned about holding a conversation with her than keeping his eyes on the road. Twenty minutes later, I was relieved to be back at sea level in Amalfi.

Paper Mill

Almost as quickly as the heavens had opened, the sun came out and we were able to take a rather more pleasurable journey by foot to the oldest paper mill in Italy, famous for its hand made paper. I purchased some and was also given several sheets of imperfect paper from the museum on which I later painted  a scene of Rome’s Colosseum.

Back in my studio I produced a small Painting of Ravello, one of which I reproduced as this limited edition print. It can be purchased online or from my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland. I also painted a larger watercolour which I painted on a sheet of watercolour paper from the mill.

I often receive painting commissions of Italy. It’s experiences like this that help me to impart something personal of Italy into my paintings.

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