Tyne Bridges, Summer Sunset


Newcastle Prints

Tyne Bridge Prints for Sale have always been very popular for Geordie Gifts. Newcastle Prints including limited editions  depicting views of Newcastle’s Quayside showing one or more of its famous bridges.

BUY signed and numbered limited edition The Tyne Bridge Prints for Sale.  Buy signed limited edition pictures and prints of The Tyne Bridge from www.alanreed.com

A view which many commuters will identify with as they are stuck in traffic on the Tyne Bridge. you can glance over to see the sun rising in the east on a winter’s morning.

The Millennium Bridge is the only foot and cycle bridge over the Tyne and links the two quaysides of Gateshead and Newcastle.

The Quayside itself has some stunning architecture, so it’s not difficult to find some inspirational aspect to paint. Also, it’s an area which has seen massive changes, particularly over the last twenty years, so even the paintings I have done over my 27 years as a full time artist have become historical.

Newcastle prints from my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland and shows some of the newer additions to the River Tyne.

Paintings and Prints of the Sage and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge are available from alanreed.com. In this print you can see the Tyne Bridge, High Level Bridge and indications of some of the other more distant bridges. All of which are set against the backdrop of a summer sunset. I love the interplay of curves which combine to link the old with the new which is one of the reasons why I decided to publish it as a limited edition print.

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