Shell Catchers by Sherree Valentine-Daines

Shell Catchers
Shell Catchers

Figurative Artist

One of the current featured paintings in my Spring exhibition is Shell Catchers. It is a limited edition, hand embellished canvas. The artist is Sherree Valentine-Daines. The print is no longer available from the publishers. It is doubtful that there will be many copies left in retailers. Sherree Valentine-Daines is a hugely popular figurative artist.

Paintings of Children

This delightful painting shows two small children, nestled amongst the rocks. They are inspecting their catch before depositing them into the little red bucket by their side. The brush marks are fresh, spontaneous and yet carefully expressed. This ensures that the children’s lovely features are correctly defined. My wife and I are great fans of Sherree’s paintings. We first came across her work at the Henley Royal Regatta back in the mid 90’s. This was when we both used to show our original paintings in the Stewards Enclosure during Regatta week. We also have 4 other paintings by Sherree Valentine-Daines on display at our Studio & Gallery in Ponteland.

Paintings of my Grandchildren

Over the years I have painted a number of paintings of my own grandchildren. Some are small watercolours. On other occasions I have placed them in some of my cityscapes. One of my favourites is an oil painting of Emily when she was a little girl.

Emily Wearing Grandad’s Jumper

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