Dunstanburgh Castle


Dunstanburgh Castle
Sketchbook Study of Dunstanburgh Castle


I’ve made several painting videos during my career as an artist which you can also see on YouTube. By following this link you can watch me paint Dunstanburgh Castle on location. The image above is the sketchbook watercolour which I painted on the video, together with a larger 14″ x 10″ watercolour. Both paintings can be seen at my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland and were painted with a size 20 Stratford and York synthetic brush. Sadly, Stratford and York no longer produce paint brushes, however, SAA make a size 20 big wash brush that has a decent point to it.

Word Out Media

The video of Dunstanburgh Castle was made by Gavin Dowd of Word Out Media. I’ve known Gavin for many years. He has a huge amount of experience working in television and set up his own company several years ago. It’s not an easy task taking several hours of footage and editing it down to just a few minutes. Gavin was able to take the fundamental elements of the filming to make it come across in a logical, clear and informative way.

Artist Alan Reed

Since this video was made, I’ve made a few painting videos of my own. They’ve all been put together via my iPhone in my Studio, however the results have been remarkable. You can see more on my YouTube Channel.

I’ve since painted Dunstanburgh Castle many more times and have two of my paintings available as limited edition prints.



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