Saddler Street, Durham

Saddler Street, Durham, original watercolour
Saddler Street, Durham


Durham is a fine city to visit for the day. One of the highlights of my part-time teaching post at South Tyneside College was taking my students there. It was for one of the painting projects I had set them. They had to do drawings of various aspects of the city, gather reference and take photographs as part of their research. I would lead by example, producing at least one watercolour painted on location. Our trip was usually in February. We would gather at the bottom of Saddler Street to brief the students on where to go and at what time we would re-assemble.

High Bridge Street

I always found the mid morning light at this particular point looking up the street engaging. It reminded me of a painting I had done of Newcastle’s High Bridge Street. I decided to paint an original watercolour in the same style and colours which is currently on view at my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland.

Durham Prints

Over the years, I’ve painted several other paintings of Durham including Durham in Winter, Durham in Summer and Durham in the Snow. All of which have proved to be popular limited edition prints.

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