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Grand Canal, Venetian Dawn

Grand Canal, Venetian Dawn
Grand Canal, Venetian Dawn


In 2006, Susan and I spent a week in the Dolomites with an old Venetian lady who has a holiday home there. I spent the week awestruck by the majesty and spectacle of God’s creation which was so evident throughout the Dolomites. I produced many sketchbook watercolours painted on location. At the end of the week, we then went to Venice for a few days where we were able to enjoy the Venetian Regatta. It was at the end of our stay in Venice that I was inspired by this view of the Grand Canal which I titled Venetian Dawn.

Grand Canal

Our flight back to the UK was from Verona, so we had to leave Venice before the sun rose. From the stern of the vaporetto that chugged along the Grand Canal, I looked back towards the Santa Maria Salute. I was able to take in the first colours of the Venetian Dawn. There was no time to do a painting but I managed to take a few photographs of the scene. Using the photos and sketches I had painted from the Accademia Bridge on previous trips, I produced this very small studio watercolour. I have reproduced it as a limited edition print. The deckled edge of the paper has also been reproduced. It helps to give the painting a fresh, almost sketchbook feel. It is one of many paintings of Italy I have reproduced as part of my print collection.

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