Grey Street, Snow Shower

Grey Street, Snow Shower
Grey Street, Snow Shower

Grey Street

My new watercolour titled “Grey Street, Snow Shower” which is to be released next week as a limited edition print with only 95 in the edition. The painting captures the majestic sweeping curve of Grey Street. It has been described by the architectural critic Sir Nikolaus Pevsner as being the finest curved street in Europe. Despite being depicted on a dull, wet, winters day, I’ve wanted to create lots of life and movement. This has been achieved by the figures dashing through the harsh elements, huddled under their umbrellas.

Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal stands as the jewel in the crown with its fine portico and classical columns. It breaks up the smooth curve of the street and provides a focal point to the painting. The painting is an exercise in using subtle tones of grey through a limited palette of Yellow Ochre, Paynes Grey and Lamp Black. A touch of Cadmium Red for the little girl’s coat provides that tiny splash of colour that lifts the scene. The little girl is actually my eldest granddaughter, painted as a three year old, holding her grandmother’s hand.

Prints of Newcastle

Over the years I’ve built up a timeless collection of limited edition prints of Newcastle. Rarely does a week go by without someone wishing to purchase one of my prints. Despite some of them being over 25 years old, they still look modern and contemporary. I find they are bought as leaving presents, special anniversaries, wedding gifts and Christmas presents. However, many are simply bought to hang in folk’s living rooms.


The frames I use are equally contemporary and yet timeless in their look and design. They fit comfortably in a traditional or modern home. These days I often use Ultra View Glass which makes such a difference in the way you can enjoy the painting.


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