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End of a Perfect Day by Sherree Valentine Daines

End of a Perfect Day by Sherree Valentine Daines.jpeg
End of a Perfect Day by Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree Valentine Daines

End of a Perfect Day is the title given to this delightful study by Sherree Valentine Daines. It depicts two little girls returning to the beach after exploring the shallows of the sea. In the background, looking into the late afternoon sunlight, are some simply rendered architectural features. You can make out the form of a pier indicating the locality of the scene, Brighton.


She is one of the UK’s leading figurative artists. I love the fresh, lively brush marks. They capture the movement of the sea and the sunlight dancing on its surface. The translucency of the girls dresses and highlights in their hair are beautifully handled.

This is one of my favourite paintings by Sherree Valentine Daines.

One of only 195 hand embellished  canvas prints, signed and numbered. It is available framed from the Alan Reed Studio & Gallery in Ponteland or online at

Henley Royal Regatta

Susan and I first came across her work at the Henley Royal Regatta back in the 1990’s. She and I were both exhibiting in the Stewards Enclosure during the Regatta. My work focused mainly on the rowing scenes with a little figurative work. Sherree’s work centred around the wonderfully dressed men and women. Men in bright blazers and beautiful ladies wearing flowing dresses with stunning hats featured heavily in her paintings.

We were both successful in making lots of sales throughout the week which added to the joy of the week.

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