Carnevale Venezia

Jester, Carnevale Venezia
Jester, Carnevale Venezia

The Venetian Carnival is an occasion of colour and spectacle held during the month of February, starting 40 days before Easter and ending on shrove Tuesday. Decorative masks and costumes are very much part of the festival and a prize is awarded for the best mask. Susan and I have been three times during the Carnival so that I can paint the costumed figures set against the backdrop of the Venetian architecture.

The weather is usually sunny, however it can be very misty and extremely cold, often below freezing, which somehow adds to the drama and theatre of the occasion. For this particular painting I noticed a costumed figure dressed as a Jester, posing on a jetty. I was able to take some photographs with him standing under the lamp. I’ve often painted gondolas, so using some of my other reference material of Venice, I added in the gondola to give extra depth and interest to the composition.

Jester is now available as a limited edition print with only 25 copies in the addition.


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