The Turner Prize 2011

Turner Prize
Morning Eye

Last week I decided to pay a visit to the Baltic on Gateshead Quays to see the Turner Prize Exhibition. I must confess that I’m not at all inspired by the kind of work that is chosen for this particular competition. However, I thought I would try to go with an open mind. To be perfectly honest, I’ve not been inspired by any of the exhibitions that I’ve seen at the Baltic either. The only one I found interesting was one of some bridges made out of Meccano. They were by Chris Burden This was back in 2002. I’m sure there must have been some decent shows since then but I must have missed them.

The Baltic is a fantastic exhibition space. The rooms are grand and spacious and have the potential to house great artwork. I wandered through the rooms in search of some and came out disappointed. Warmest congratulations to the 4 artists Karla Black, Martin Boyce, Hilary Lloyd and George Shaw who captured the judges imaginations. Clearly they are sincere and genuine about the work they produce and I respect and admire them for it but it’s just not the kind of work that tickles my fancy.

I’m off to London this week to see the Da Vinci Exhibition. It’s being held at the National Gallery. I’ll also take in one or two other exhibitions. I won’t be disappointed. By the way, the image above is a view of the Eye and the Baltic seen from Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge, early morning. It’s available as a limited edition print.


4 thoughts on “The Turner Prize 2011”

  1. I liked the Goerge Shaw work and wondered if you would like tha, as it is at least something that is painted and hung on a wall! I like the mood of his iamges, and the medium he works in certainly helps that I think. Hope you enjoy the Da Vinci. Hope to get there one of these trips!

    • I found George Shaw’s work rather depressing, (which was possibly the point) and only adequately painted for someone to have had such massive acclaim. The only time I want to see a “shit bin” in the countryside is when I’ve some dog pooh to put in it. I certainly don’t want to see one in a painting.

      The Humbrol paints did give a rather interesting effect but it really was a case of once you have seen one…..
      I’ll let you know about the Da Vinci show.

  2. I’m the same Alan, I was in and out in 20 minutes for the turner. I find the shop a lot more inspiring for art and design than the exhibitions 🙂 I did like some of George Shaws titles although fairly crude, witty- but it’s not a resounding endorsement when that’s the best impression I take away from it.

    I would like to see the baltic build up a collection of their own, a mix of internationally recognized contemporary artists, upcoming and local.

  3. I share your thoughts exactly Alan, I went last Monday. I too spent more time in the shop, which is great and came away with a doodling book!


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