Angel of the North Painting

Angel of the North Painting.

Most folk have strong opinions about the Angel of the North. They either love it or hate it. Personally, I like it. It’s always a reminder that I’m not too far from home if I’ve been travelling from the South.

One of my favourite paintings of the Angel of the North is based on studies I made during the week the angel was erected. There had been heavy rain and the skies were overcast. The whole area was like a scene from World War One with the mud, the foreground pond and broken palettes lying about.

The view I’ve taken places a stronger emphasis on the more attractive lines of the body than the rather slab sided wings. At the feet of the angel, the figure standing at its feet provides a sense of scale and drama. The overall mood is heightened by the dark, threatening sky. Angel with Gold Leaf can be seen online or in my Gallery in Ponteland.

I’ve also painted a similar version which is available as a limited edition print.

This painting forms part of my Christmas exhibition at my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland. It continues until the 24th December, open Tuesday-Saturday 9:30-5pm.

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