Da Vinci, The Lost Treasure

Fiona Bruce on Ponte Vecchio, Firenze
Fiona Bruce on Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

Whilst painting in Italy in September, I saw Fiona Bruce being filmed on Ponte Vecchio in Florence. I stopped to take a photograph of her, along with dozens of others, wondering which programme she was being filmed for. On Sunday evening I discovered that it was for a documentary written and presented by herself titled “Da Vinci, The Lost Treasure”.   

This BBC 1 programme was essentially uncovering the story of Leonardo da Vinci and gave us an exclusive preview of a newly found painting by the Renaissance genius which he did of Christ.  Throughout the programme the multi lingual Fiona Bruce travelled to Florence, Milan, Paris, Warsaw and to New York, to look at some of Leonardo’s most famous paintings including the “Lost Treasure” depicting the restored painting of the Christ.

Art is very subjective, but I have to say, for me personally, this is a more engaging painting than Leonardo’s depiction of  “The Last Supper” where he deviated away from the original account in John’s Gospel  and showed Jesus and His disciples sitting upright at a table instead of reclining, most probably at floor level. The figures in the Last Supper are however, superbly handled, particularly the expressions on their faces when, as the painting depicts, Jesus declares that one of them will betray Him.

Fiona Bruce was very impressive with her presentation, especially when spoke fluent Italian and French. She still pronounced Michelangelo “Michael Angelo” but hey, I wish my Italian was that bad!

This “new” Leonardo forms part of an exhibition of his paintings at the National Gallery in London starting on the 9th November-5th February 2012 which promises to be a must to visit.


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