Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

Ponte Vecchio Firenze

You never quite know who you are going to see whilst painting on location. Whilst crossing Ponte Vecchio in Florence recently and noticed BBC’s Fiona Bruce being filmed by a camera crew. I’m not sure for what programme, perhaps another series of Fake or Fortune? 

I’ve painted several watercolours on location of Ponte Vecchio Firenze, usually from Piazza Michelangelo.

However on this occasion, I decided to do one standing next to the window of a rather expensive ice cream shop. The shop was at the end of the bridge on the other side of the road.

I embarked on a small sketchbook study of the bridge bathed in the late afternoon sunlight.

The Duomo in the distance was both my starting point and focal point of interest. The strong angles from the foreground buildings taking the viewers eyes towards the main part of the subject. The bridge itself with its shoppers and colourful flags just added to the drama.

Using this simple study and some of the reference photographs I took, I hope to work this up into a larger original watercolour in my Studio.

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Ponte Vecchio Firenze
Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

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