Paintings of Italy

Paintings of Italy
Client’s property in Panicale, Umbria

Painting Commissions

Over the last few years I’ve received a number of commissions from clients who have a home in Italy. They have asked me to do a painting of their property. Each building has been quite different in terms of size and location. However, they have all had their own distinct charm and appeal. Doing Paintings of Italy was something I never expected when I set out as an artist.


In 2007 I was commissioned by an English couple to do a painting of their home near a small, compact Umbrian village called Panicale It overlooks Lake Trasimeno. We stayed in an old Villa called Villa Le Mura which was being restored by its owners. In the evening we met up with our clients that evening for a lovely meal at Masolino Albergo Ristorante which served us authentic Umbrian cuisine.

The following morning I woke up before 7am and drove straight to the property to catch the early morning light. I was just in time. I found a suitable vantage point in between some olive trees which gave a delightful aspect of the house nestling in its own little valley. Initially it was shrouded by a shadow being cast by the hill behind me but as soon as the sun rose above the horizon it was bathed in a warm golden hue.

Sketchbook from Fabriano

I quickly embarked on a small sketchbook study in a tiny leather bound book purchased direct from the Fabriano Factory in Le Marches I bought it on our first trip to Umbria. Whilst the paint was drying I took a number of photographs of the rapidly changing early morning light. The owners served me a very welcome and much appreciated coffee before I crashed on with another watercolour study. This time it was of the olive grove which surrounded their home.

I returned to capture the evening light but we decided that the mornings work was going to be sufficient to enable me to do the finished painting, a 21″ x 14″ watercolour which the client was delighted with.

Susan and I will be returning to Italy in September for a painting project in Florence. We will be happy to meet up with anyone wishing to discuss any possible commissions. This can include properties, holiday homes or favourite views and places to paint in Italy.

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