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London Eye

London Eye Art
London Eye Watercolour

Paintings of London

London is full of incredible architecture taking in so many different periods in history. The London Eye has it’s rightful place as an iconic symbol of the Thames. Other famous landmarks include the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge. It opened in March 2000, bringing closure to the 20th Century and to herald in the new millennium.

For this particular painting I wanted to combine the new with the old. I also wanted to create a strong visual contrast between the sharp, straight vertical lines of past architecture, against the smooth, gentle curve of the giant wheel. By looking into the low afternoon sunlight, most of the shapes became silhouetted. This provided me the opportunity to produce some intense golden colours for the sky.

River Thames

When I’m focused on producing paintings like this, I spend considerable time gathering reference material. This includes spending time working in my sketchbook as well as taking lots of photographs.

The London Eye is one of two paintings I have reproduced as limited edition prints. The other is completely different in colour range and is titled Thames Sunrise. London Eye will be one of the watercolours I will be exhibiting 4-9th July at the CastleGate in Newcastle. It forms part of the charity exhibition titled “INDEPENDENCE” to raise money for OWN IT.

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