Heriot’s School from Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Heriot's School from Victoria Street, Edinburgh
Heriot’s School from Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Telephone Boxes

One of the things I really enjoy painting when in Edinburgh are the old telephone boxes, including the old Police ones. This print of Heriot’s School taken from above Victoria Street features two types. The old police box predates the era of mobile communications. Today, most have been withdrawn from service. However they live on in Britain today albeit through the BBC television science fiction series Dr Who.

Dr Who

The Doctor’s time machine was named the TARDIS  which stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space”. It appeared much bigger on the inside than what it did from the outside. This is in contrast to the real police boxes which were a mini police station inside.  Today the word TARDIS is often used to describe a room or space that looks much bigger inside than it does from outside.

Recently my sister in law was quite surprised to hear her six year old son say that he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. After going through with him the various types of medical doctors, she found him getting more and more confused. Then she realised that he meant Dr Who.

Prints of Edinburgh

For this painting of Edinburgh, featuring Heriot’s School, I kept the sky simple and warm. There is lots of activity going on in the main painting with sunlight and shadow areas. Also the figures, cars, detailed architecture and of course the telephone boxes provide more interest.

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