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Hopefully many of you will have received a postal invitation to my forthcoming Independence Exhibition at the CastleGate. The exhibition is to raise money for the charity OWN IT. We’ve called it Independence because it is starting on the 4th July. Also, it’s about helping to create Independence for young people who are going to be leaving school soon.

OWN IT was established in 1997 through the work of Richard Davies MBE at Walbottle Campus. It is a unique work experience programme for disengaged 14 – 16 year olds. They are recommended to the charity by senior members of school staff.

They ask each student this question. “If you could leave school on Friday and start work on Monday, what is it more than anything else in the world that you want to do?”


By focusing on the first choice of each student, OWN IT aims to make their dreams come true.  They want them to take their dreams seriously.

If you would like to receive a postal invitation to my Independence Exhibition, then please telephone 01661 871 800

Or email me at

The Kings Speech

The exhibition features many new original paintings of Newcastle, the north east, Italy and Oman. After “The Kings Speech” is a new watercolour capturing the view from the Tyneside Cinema.  I was quite struck by the view looking along the narrow alley after we went to see “The Kings Speech”.

You can see some of the paintings online at

If there any paintings on view that you would like to reserve, then please contact me.

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