Castle from the Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket
Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket


My first limited edition print of Edinburgh was a scene of the Grassmarket published in 1993. It sold out in less than a year. Since then I’ve had a further 18 of my watercolours of Edinburgh published as limited edition prints.

These have been hugely popular with clients from all around the world.

Auld Reekie

Edinburgh Castle boasts a commanding position over Auld Reekie. Many of my paintings of Edinburgh depict the castle almost as a backdrop to some other aspect of the city. This scene of street life in the Grassmarket is no exception. I have used loose brush marks to render the sky, the figures moving in and out of the shadows and the dark, heavy foreground.

Paintings of Edinburgh

The foreground shadow frames a sunlit section which I’ve filled with various elements of interest. Two red painted cars and a pale blue signage above one of the buildings adds a helpful splash of colour. A stark, leafless tree on the right contrasts the regularity of the architecture. It also takes your eye in to the castle before reaching up to the threatening clouds in the sky.

These all help to add drama and life to the overall composition titled “Castle from the Grassmarket Edinburgh”.

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