New Bridge, Ayr

New Bridge, Ayr


I’ve always been attracted to painting bridges. My first exhibition back in 1981 contained several watercolours of the bridge in Ponteland. Although the New Bridge in Ayr does not have the drama of the Forth Rail Bridge, I do like this particular painting because of the colours and sunlight on the buildings.

West Coast of Scotland

For centuries, the harbour at Ayr was the most important on the West Coast of Scotland until taken over by Glasgow. The first bridge to cross the river was built around 800 years ago. The New Bridge was built in 1878. The town itself is steeped in history. Its long stretch of sandy beaches made it became a fashionable holiday resort in the early 1800’s. Initially folk used the steamer services. But when the railway opened in 1840 linking Ayr to Prestwick and Glasgow the boom began.

Today, the West Coast of Scotland is a popular tourist destination attracting thousands each year. With the stunning countywide surrounding the town of Ayr, one has to put it on one’s radar when visiting Robert Burns country.

Unfortunately, I’ve only visited the West Coast of Scotland a few times. However, every time I’ve been, it’s been an inspiration with the dramatic landscape, raw beauty and incredible colours. Obviously when it’s not raining!

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