George Street, Edinburgh Castle

George Street, Edinburgh Castle Scotland.jpeg
George Street, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland


One of the first paintings of Edinburgh I had published was this scene taken from Charlotte Square at the end of George Street .

Over the years it’s proved to be a very popular print as it depicts a number of Edinburgh’s famous landmarks.


Just after Christmas 1992 I had decided to spend the day in Edinburgh to gather reference material of subjects to paint. It was a bright, sunny (and freezing cold) winter’s day and I spent the whole time wandering around the city, looking for unusual views to capture in watercolour.

Princes street

George Street is part of Edinburgh’s New Town. I describe it as a grand street that runs parallel to Princes Street and Queen Street. It is very much central to Edinburgh’s business district. I wanted to capture something of the streets majesty and grandeur but also bring the castle into the composition too. At street level this was impossible as it’s simply too long. The only way was to get up a hight. I managed to get access to one of the building rooftops in Charlotte Square and take some reference photographs. These provided me with some of the material I needed to do a very large watercolour which I sold in 1993.

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