The Duomo, Florence

Firenze The Duomo in Florence is very impressive for many reasons. I remember the first time I set eyes on it on a crisp, sunny October morning in 1998. It was at the end of Via Panzani before joining Via de Cerretani. All of the on the spot watercolours I have painted have been from … Read more

Melville Street, Edinburgh

Edinburgh This limited edition print of Melville street, Edinburgh is dominated by the distinctive outline of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral. Its central spire of 270 feet punctuates the skyline of this street scene of Edinburgh’s New Town. Watercolour Painting The figures, each one preoccupied with their own tasks, are an integral part of this watercolour. … Read more

Heriot’s School from Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Telephone Boxes One of the things I really enjoy painting when in Edinburgh are the old telephone boxes, including the old Police ones. This print of Heriot’s School taken from above Victoria Street features two types. The old police box predates the era of mobile communications. Today, most have been withdrawn from service. However they … Read more

The Tolbooth, Edinburgh

Royal Mile Several of my paintings of Edinburgh feature different parts of the well trodden Royal Mile. The Tolbooth Edinburgh can be found on Canongate Tobooth. I’m always captivated by the Royal Mile because it is full of fascinating architecture. The Tolbooth was built in 1591 and it was here that the tolls or public dues … Read more

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Princes Street Gardens

  Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh is a lovely area to relax in, particularly in the summer months. For this particular painting, I wanted to capture it from a more unusual angle. I decided to climb Scott’s Monument, a Victorian Gothic monument to the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. It’s 200 feet and 6 inches … Read more

Independence Exhibition Details


Exhibition Hopefully many of you will have received a postal invitation to my forthcoming Independence Exhibition at the CastleGate. The exhibition is to raise money for the charity OWN IT. We’ve called it Independence because it is starting on the 4th July. Also, it’s about helping to create Independence for young people who are going … Read more

Toon Army

St James Park For many, football is a religion. The North East is full of worshippers who attend St James Park, who are known as the Toon Army or the Black and White  Army. I first started to actively support Newcastle United by going to the games back in 1981. I was still an art … Read more

Castle from the Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Edinburgh My first limited edition print of Edinburgh was a scene of the Grassmarket published in 1993. It sold out in less than a year. Since then I’ve had a further 18 of my watercolours of Edinburgh published as limited edition prints. These have been hugely popular with clients from all around the world. Auld … Read more

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

Royal Mile St Giles Cathedral stands proudly along Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile in-between the Castle and John Knox House. It has a distinctive crowned spire which reminds me of Newcastle’s St Nicholas Cathedral. Today it attracts a congregation of several hundred worshippers led by around 50 elders who manage the building and the church. When … Read more

Siena, Italy


Piazza del Campo My first visit to Siena was in February 1999. It was a wonderfully bright and crisp, sunny ( but cold ) morning. When we arrived, the shell shaped Piazza del Campo where the famous Palio horse racing is held twice a year, was very quiet. It was just a little too cool … Read more

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