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Emerson Chambers

Emerson Chambers, Newcastle upon Tyne

Emerson Chambers
Emerson Chambers Watercolour

Art Nouveau

Emerson Chambers in Newcastle is one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture in the North East. It was designed by Benjamin Simpson in 1903. From the second floor and above, it boasts commanding views of Grey’s Monument and Grey Street. Last year I decided to reproduce my original watercolour as a limited edition giclee print. It can be viewed and purchased on


Also last year, I was invited by the book shop Waterstones to do a watercolour demonstration one Saturday morning. I decided to paint the view from the second floor window. The resulting painting titled “Grey Street, Saturday Morning” was one of the final 100 entries selected for the BBC 2 programme “Show me the Monet”. The show was presented by Chris Hollins.

Bigg Market

The painting of Emerson Chambers is one of my more detailed watercolours. I felt I had to do justice to the fine Art Nouveau architecture that is a real distinctive to the building. Benjamin Simpson also designed the Half Moon Inn, in the Bigg Market. It’s another scene I have painted which is also available as a limited edition print. That particular painting was stolen from an art gallery in 1992 and has never been recovered.

If you have one of my prints of Emerson Chambers, or indeed the Bigg Market, which evokes special memories which you would like to share, then please feel free to post a comment below.

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