Grey Street, Saturday Morning

Show me the Monet

You may recall a blog post earlier in the year where I wrote about being filmed for a BBC Series titled “Show me the Monet. Well, the 10 episode series begins on Monday 9th May on BBC 2 weekdays 5:15-6:00pm. I have been told that I am appearing in the program on Wednesday 18th. My painting of Grey Street viewed from Emerson Chambers has been selected.

“The series following the fortunes of amateur and professional artists from all over the United Kingdom. They battle it out for a spot at the Show Me the Monet grand exhibition and sale at the Royal College of Art in London. Members of the public and the art world alike will bid to buy the best of the art work on show.

Contenders could stand to make some serious cash. But first they need the seal of approval from three of the art world’s toughest critics. To win a spot at the exhibition and the chance to sell and make some money from their work, hopeful artists must first face the Hanging Committee, where their hopes and dreams could be made or dashed.” Quote taken from the BBC Website.


The painting I submitted actually began with me doing a sketchbook study in watercolour on location.  It was preparation for a painting demonstration I was doing at Waterstones the book shop one Saturday morning last September.

Using the sketch and some reference photographs, I drew the basic shape of the buildings and figures in readiness for the demonstration. I was able to work quite quickly on this particular painting. As you can see from the photograph, I managed to complete most of the building on the right hand side of the painting. I was able to finish off the rest of the scene in my studio.

Royal College of Art

The filming of my appearance on the program was an enjoyable but slightly disappointing experience for me.  My work was not selected for the Royal College of Art. However, I’d much rather try something and fail than not try at all. I’m looking forward to finding out what artwork the judges did pick in the end.

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  1. How lovely to see your work Alan and read all about your working methods. I too am an artist and will be appearing on the same programme and the same day!!!!
    good luck and best wishes

  2. i watched show me the monet on tv today, i saw your painting! its fantastic i hope you get recognised from it you deserve it. hey do you know if there is going to be another series?


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