Casa Panfili

Sketchbook Watercolour of Casa Panfili

Umbrian Farm House

In 2006 I was commissioned to do a watercolour of Casa Panfili. It’s a wonderful Umbrian farmhouse with spectacular views over the Niccone Valley. The owners, Al and Betty Stuart wanted a painting that captured something of the beauty of the valley.  They also wanted me to show how Casa Panfili is very much a part of the rural landscape. It is a delightful area for walkers, artists, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Umbria is a brilliant region of Italy for those who want to explore an area rich in history, food and wine.

Sketchbook Watercolour

By the time we arrived in the early evening, having flown in to Pisa through Jet2, it was too dark to do any painting. I arose early the next morning to commence work. I did a small sketch book watercolour of the sun rising above the autumn mist that hung gently below in the valley. This was exactly what I needed to remind me of the scene once I was back in my studio.


Using the sketch and photographs, I did a 12” x 9” preparation watercolour. This was for Al and Betty to approve before commencing on the final painting. They decided to go for a 21” x 14” watercolour which we also had printed into postcards for the guests at Casa Panfili. Over the years we’ve made Umbria one of our favourite destinations in Italy. I now have a growing collection of paintings of Umbria.

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