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Linhope Spout

Linhope Spout

Linhope Spout
Sketchbook Watercolour of Linhope Spout

Ingram Valley

You may recall a post earlier this month about a commission I am working on to paint a scene in the Ingram Valley. On Saturday evening I decided to take advantage of the clear blue skies and return to capture the lower evening sunlight.

The drive along the A697 was beautiful and once we took the turn for Ingram just north of Powburn, the drive became even more picturesque as we followed the river Breamish cutting its way through the valley.

Susan and our grand daughter Emily came with me as they both wanted to see the lambs on route which looked so cute skipping and jumping about. I had decided to paint Linhope Spout, a 60 foot chute of water that cascades into a plunge pool. It’s a popular spot for picnics as it’s only a 3 mile round walk. I parked my car opposite Hartside Farm and took the private road lined with rhododendrons towards the well signposted track for Linhope Spout.

Cheviot Hills

Northumberland is renowned for its wide open moorland which occupies 70% of its National Park. This short walk allows you to get a tiny sample of the stunning scenery. In the distance one can see the domed 715 meter high Hedgehope Hill, the second largest of the Cheviot hills and as the path skirts some woodland, you can sometimes see red squirrels nibbling Scots Pine cones.

Linhope Spout

I jogged most of the route so it didn’t take long before I was able to cross the stream bubbling from the plunge pool over the slippery stones to sit on the grassy bank to do a sketchbook study of Linhope Spout looking into the evening sunlight.

I had to work quickly as the scene was in shadow and the sun was disappearing behind the hills but I was able to capture what I wanted. On the way back I stopped to photograph the River Breamish again, looking towards Ingram, a view which could also make an attractive painting.

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