Frank Henry Mason

Frank Henry Mason Seascape
Frank Henry Mason Seascape, Scarborough

Maritime Paintings

One of my clients is a great fan and collector of paintings by Frank Henry Mason (1876-1965). Over the last few years he’s asked me to put new mounts on the pieces he’s purchased. I have to say they totally transform the look of Mr Mason’s paintings. His breathtaking watercolours of maritime scenes, gouache landscapes for railway posters and oil paintings are stunning. They take on a fresh, clean, crisp appearance when taken out of their, often, tatty, dirty, frames with dowdy mounts and placed into new deep edged mounts made with conservation acid free board.

Staithes Art Club

The scene above is typical of Frank’s work. He received no formal training in art. When he left HMS Conway, he settled in Scarborough about 1894 where he then studied at the Scarborough School of Art. He later became a founder member of the Staithes Art Club.

His time at sea can be seen in his deep understanding of waves, skies and the way ships sit in the water. If you get the chance, check out the poster artwork he did. Clients included Great Northern Railway, Great Western Railway, London, Midland and Scottish Railway, London and North Eastern Railway, North Eastern Railway, British Rail, Underground Group Railway Companies and Ocean Liner Companies. You will see an artist who was sensitive to his subject matter yet retaining a direct, no nonsense handling of bold colours and use of counterchange.

Kenneth Reed

It’s great to get the chance to see his original paintings. Both myself and my father Kenneth Reed have a deep appreciation and respect for the paintings of Frank Henry Mason.

If you have any artwork which would benefit from receiving a new mount and frame, please feel free to call in to my studio and gallery in Ponteland for a no obligation quote.


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