Kenneth Reed

Old Eldon Square by Kenneth Reed
Old Eldon Square by Kenneth Reed

Thomas Reed

The two artists which influenced me the most as a child were my grandfather Thomas Reed and my dad Kenneth Reed. My grandfather died when I was only four years old but I still vividly remember the paintings which hung my grandparents home, and indeed the painting he did before he died which has effected my life for eternity. I will write about that some other time.

Golf Artist

My dad has been a constant influence throughout my life. He trained as a graphic designer but would often be working on paintings in watercolour at home, usually on the dining room table. For the last thirty years he has become recognised as the leading golf artist in the world, capable of painting in a number of different mediums, including watercolour, oils and an Art Deco poster style.

Old Eldon Square

One of the first paintings he did in the flat colour Art Deco technique was this one of Old Eldon Square in Newcastle upon Tyne, depicted in 1928. Two of the three sides of Old Eldon Square were pulled down to make way for the shopping centre that was built in the 1970’s but one of the Georgian sides still remains today. This painting is still available as a limited edition print from my website or my studio and gallery in Ponteland.

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