Rowland Hilder

Rowland Hilder
Oast Houses, Kent after Rowland Hilder


The first artist that I really began to study as a young, enthusiastic watercolourist was Rowland Hilder. My parents used to buy a calendar every year called Artists Britain. It would always contain several outstanding paintings by Rowland Hilder. I found myself captivated by his work. After a few disappointing attempts at using watercolour, I decided to copy some of his paintings. It’s an exercise which I would advocate for anyone wishing to learn any painting technique. What I discovered was, my own paintings improved dramatically after these studies of Hilder’s work. I gradually began to develop my own style of painting.

Farm Buildings

Rowland Hilder was not a slave to the medium. He broke many of the rules of watercolour painting. He would often use mixed media in his paintings. There are a number of books available on his work. I would encourage anyone who is serious about watercolour painting to take a look at his work. The painting above is actually a copy of a Rowland Hilder painting. I painted it as a part of a watercolour demonstration. I was showing the class how to take subjects like skies and trees using a limited palette.

Artist Support Pledge

Since first writing this blog post back in 2011, I’ve put the paintings that I did as demonstrations as part of the Artist Support Pledge. At the time of re-writing, they are available for just £200 each unframed.

4 thoughts on “Rowland Hilder”

  1. I’ve only one picture by Roland Hilder, and it is in fact a Christmas card that I had framed to decorate my sad, little quonset hut at RAF Bentwaters some 30 years ago. The picture is titled, “Winter, Sun and Snow” and I still find it hauntingly beautiful. I now have numerous prints from a numerous artists, and they nearly all follow the same theme of a wintry scene in some form.

  2. I have just realized I have an old watercolour/pen drawing by Rowland Hilder. Its only about 8″ by 6″ and is under glass. I have no idea what to do with it. If anything. It does need some TLC as it has been neglected for a long time–1932. Any hints as to what I can do? will be appreciated.
    Nell Lofberg

    • Hi Neil
      It might benefit from being taken out of the frame and having a new mount put on. The chances are that the mount will have discoloured over time.
      Also there will be dirt behind the glass if it is in the same frame from 1932, so that will need cleaning too. As you say, a little TLC should make a big difference.
      Kind regards


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