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La Serenata a Rialto, Venezia

Evening in Venice Print
La Serenata a Rialto, Venezia


The recent frosty mornings and beautiful bright sunny days we have been enjoying recently have reminded me of the times we have spent in Venice during Carnival time. I’ve often made studies around Rialto, Venezia, an area rich in subject matter.

The weather in Venice has usually been even colder but characterised by crisp, sunny days. However, Sometimes there has been an eerie stillness with thick fog. In February, Venice is full of the colour and spectacle of the carnival. It has been an inspiration for many artists over the years where there are numerous subjects to paint. I have found that sometimes, some of the most simple of compositions are often the most effective. Edward Seago was an expert at simplifying the most complex of subjects to just  a few washes in watercolour.

Watercolour Washes

The other day I was showing my cousin’s eldest son Jonathan how to do some background washes. I demonstrated by laying one coloured wash on top of another once the first wash was dry. My demonstration provided the perfect backdrop for a single gondola to be placed into what has turned out to be a Venetian sunset. It’s a scene I have painted before and have actually reproduced as a limited edition print titled “La Serenata a Rialto”. In this particular A6 watercolour study painted from Rialto, Venezia on hand made deckled edged paper, I have focused on the gondola. I missed out the surrounding buildings. This small original painting can be seen at my Studio & Gallery in Ponteland.

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