Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Victoria Street, Edinburgh boasts a quaint array of brightly coloured artisan shops and restaurants on a gentle incline that takes one down to the Grassmarket. Although it doesn’t have the grandiose feel of Princes Street or George Street, it typifies (for me anyway) the spirit and architecture of Edinburgh. A dark, threatening sky was always … Read more

Melville Street, Edinburgh

This limited edition print of Melville street, Edinburgh is dominated by the distinctive outline of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral. Its central spire of 270 feet punctuates the skyline of this street scene of Edinburgh’s New Town. The figures, each one preoccupied with their own tasks, are an integral part of this watercolour. One can see … Read more

Heriot’s School from Victoria Street, Edinburgh

One of the things I really enjoy painting when in Edinburgh are the old telephone boxes, including the old Police ones. This print of Heriot’s School taken from above Victoria Street features two types. The old police box predates the era of mobile communications, so most have been withdrawn from service, however they live on … Read more

The Tolbooth, Edinburgh

Several of my paintings of Edinburgh feature different parts of the Royal Mile. The Canongate Tobooth in Edinburgh can be found towards the end of the Royal Mile. It was built in 1591 and it was here that the tolls or public dues were collected. It also served as a council house, court room and … Read more

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh is a lovely area to relax in, particularly in the summer months. For this particular painting, I wanted to capture it from a more unusual angle so I decided to climb Scott’s Monument, a Victorian Gothic monument to the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. It’s 200 feet and 6 inches … Read more

Castle from the Grassmarket, Edinburgh

My first limited edition print of Edinburgh was a scene of the Grassmarket published in 1993 which sold out in less than a year. Since then I’ve had a further 18 of my watercolours of Edinburgh published as limited edition prints which have been hugely popular. Edinburgh Castle boasts a commanding position over Auld Reekie. … Read more

St Giles, Edinburgh

St Giles Cathedral stands proudly along Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile in-between the Castle and John Knox House. It has a distinctive crowned spire which reminds me of Newcastle’s St Nicholas Cathedral. Today it attracts a congregation of several hundred worshippers led by around 50 elders who manage the building and the church. When I say … Read more

New Bridge, Ayr

I’ve always been attracted to painting bridges, indeed, my first exhibition back in 1981 contained several watercolours of the bridge in Ponteland. Although the New Bridge in Ayr does not have the drama of the Forth Rail Bridge, I do like this particular painting because of the colours and sunlight on the buildings. For centuries, … Read more

George Street, Edinburgh Castle

One of the first paintings of Edinburgh I had published was this scene taken from Charlotte Square at the end of George Street and over the years it’s proved to be a very popular print. Just after Christmas 1992 I had decided to spend the day in Edinburgh to gather┬áreference material of subjects to paint. … Read more

Princes Street, Edinburgh

The idea of creating a new town for Edinburgh to be built on the farmlands to the north of the Castle began in the eighteenth century. A young architect, James Craig submitted plans for the competition at the age of only 22, 9 years prior to the building work which commenced in 1767. His winning … Read more