Portrait Painting in Oils

Andrea in oils

One of the hardest things to learn when painting in watercolour is knowing when to stop. The most common problem that most beginners in watercolour have is overworking the painting and in doing so, killing the freshness and translucency of the paint. Fortunately I find that I’m always able to stop just in time.

Working in oil paint however is completely different, particularly when painting a portrait. When the sitter isn’t there in front of me, I can usually see various elements which need to be changed during the next sitting and oil paints allow you the freedom to do so.

A recent portrait commission is this one of Andrea painted over several sittings. Andrea has been a great model and the painting is almost finished. There are a couple of small changes to be made to complete this project and I’m looking forward to the next commission¬†which is one of her husband.

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