Breamish Valley

I have recently received a commission to do a watercolour painting depicting the Breamish Valley near Ingram. On Sunday I decided to do an initial research trip after church to remind myself of the location and general geography. I had driven through it a couple of years ago when I climbed Hedgehope, the second highest of the Cheviot hills. On Cheviot there are the remains of a B17 bomber which crashed in World War 2. From that walk I recall Linhope Spout, a stunning waterfall just a couple of miles further up the valley.

Ingram is 3 miles off the A697 just after Powburn. For part of the way, the road follows the the River Breamish which is surrounded by high rolling hills. On a warm sunny afternoon it is a popular setting for picnics and superb walks with interesting wildlife and scenery. Susan and I joined in with the various families enjoying the beauty of Northumberland’s National Park and had our picnic lunch by the river.

After lunch we had a wander about and called into the visitor centre in Ingram near St Michael’s Church before I decided to tackle a sketchbook watercolour of the river looking into the bright sunlight towards Ingram. The spring colours of the budding foliage were almost sparkling with blossom and verdant greens. We were both really impressed with the overall beauty and tranquil setting of the valley and I think I will have to return soon, perhaps one evening, to take advantage of the lower sun and longer shadows.

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